Victor Petukhov
Software engineer
About Me

I am Victor Petukhov, software engineer from Munich.

In 2018 I achieved a master's degree in computer science at the ITMO University, Computer Technology Department.

Since 2017 I am interested in testing and development of compilers. Currently I work in the Kotlin programming language team, at JetBrains. Earlier I was engaged in front-end and back-end web applications development for about 5 years.

My area of scientific interests is machine learning in source code and compilers.

In free time, I love to play volleyball 🏐, to run 🏃 and photography 📷.

  • Age . . . 28
  • Location . . . Munich, Germany
  • Company . . . JetBrains
  • Education . . . ITMO University
2018 - Present
QA engineer

Kotlin compiler tests development for the parser, type inference and codegen; language specifications tests.

2017 - 2018

Research and development in the Kotlin code anomaly detection project.
Kotlin Python Machine learning Anomaly detection Autoencoders Compilers

2017 - 2018
Front-end Developer

Front-end and NodeJS back-end development of the Yandex.Money portal and Yandex.Kassa.
Javascript NodeJS React Redux

2016 - 2017
Front-end Developer

Front-end development of the Sberbank business online application (new product features and refactoring).
Javascript Typescript React Redux Reflux Webpack Less Unit and e2e testing

2015 - 2016
Front-end Developer, BI Researcher

Front-end development of the ERPScan Security Monitoring Suite.
The development of tools for processing large SAP logs.
Javascript Python Elasticsearch Logstash Splunk

2011 - 2013
Web Developer (HTML layout)

Company website layout, front-end development of product features.
HTML CSS Javascript

Technical Support

Answers to users tickets, help users on the official forum, web development of related websites.

2009 - 2016

HTML layout, frontend and backend web development.

2016 - 2018
St. Petersburg

Master's Degree in Software Development Technologies (Applied Mathematics and Computer Science), Computer Technology Department.

St. Petersburg

Toolkit development for a simple programming language: interpreter, stack machine, stack machine code compiler and X86 code compiler

2012 - 2016
St. Petersburg

Bachelor's Degree in Programming and Internet Technologies (Information Systems and Technologies), Information Systems Department.

Finding an anomalous code on Kotlin using machine learning algorithms.
Toolkit for a simple programming language: interpreter, stack machine, stack machine code compiler and X86 code compiler (ASM code with NASM dialect).
Building a chain of friends between VK users (checking the six degrees of separation idea).
Get in Touch
  • Email . . .
  • Location . . . St. Petersburg, Russia
  • Phone . . . +7 921 4403308
  • Company . . . JetBrains