Victor Petukhov
Software engineer
About Me

I am Victor Petukhov, software engineer from St. Petersburg.

In 2018 I achieved a master's degree in computer science at the ITMO University, Computer Technology Department.

Since 2017 I am interested in the compilers testing and development, and programming languages design. Currently, I'm working at Huawei in the programming languages lab. Earlier I was engaged in front-end and back-end web applications development for about 5 years.

My scientific interests are machine learning in the source code and compilers, compilers fuzzing.

  • Age . . . 29
  • Location . . . St. Petersburg
  • Company . . . Huawei
  • Education . . . ITMO University
2022 - present
Software engineer

Programming language design and compiler development.

2019 - 2022
Software engineer

Kotlin compiler front-end development: resolution and type inference, Java interoperability.

2018 - 2019
QA engineer

Kotlin compiler tests development for the parser, type inference and codegen; language specifications tests.

2017 - 2018

Research and development in the Kotlin code anomaly detection project.
Kotlin Python Machine learning Anomaly detection Autoencoders Compilers

2017 - 2018
Front-end Developer

Front-end and NodeJS back-end development of the Yandex.Money portal and Yandex.Kassa.
Javascript NodeJS React Redux

2016 - 2017
Front-end Developer

Front-end development of the Sberbank business online application (new product features and refactoring).
Javascript Typescript React Redux Reflux Webpack Less Unit and e2e testing

2015 - 2016
Front-end Developer, BI Researcher

Front-end development of the ERPScan Security Monitoring Suite.
The development of tools for processing large SAP logs.
Javascript Python Elasticsearch Logstash Splunk

2011 - 2013
Web Developer (HTML layout)

Company website layout, front-end development of product features.
HTML CSS Javascript

Technical Support

Answers to users tickets, help users on the official forum, web development of related websites.

2009 - 2016

HTML layout, frontend and backend web development.

2016 - 2018
St. Petersburg

Master's Degree in Software Development Technologies (Applied Mathematics and Computer Science), Computer Technology Department.

St. Petersburg

Toolkit development for a simple programming language: interpreter, stack machine, stack machine code compiler and X86 code compiler

2012 - 2016
St. Petersburg

Bachelor's Degree in Programming and Internet Technologies (Information Systems and Technologies), Information Systems Department.

Searching an anomalous code on Kotlin using machine learning algorithms.
Toy compiler
Toolkit for a simple programming language: interpreter, stack machine, stack machine code compiler and X86 code compiler (ASM code with NASM dialect).
Building a chain of friends between VK users (checking the six degrees of separation idea).
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  • Location . . . St. Petersburg
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  • Company . . . Huawei